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Slow Pitch Softball


Thursday, June 7

No games due to the rain this morning. See you next week.

EASA Board


Team Rules

Rules and Regulations

(Revised 2/10/11)


  1. Teams must be in the park ready to play at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the schedule game time. The Umpire-In-Chief shall call “Play Ball” as soon after the scheduled starting time as he is convinced that eight (8) players are present to represent each team. Forfeit time shall be ten (10) minutes past scheduled game time for the first game of the evening and game time for all remaining games. Under no circumstances shall unsigned players be picked out of the crowd. Only signed players belonging to the club playing shall be used in getting games under way or completing games.
  2. All players must be entered with first and last names in scorebook. In case a team starts with less than the regulation number of players, the batting order shall show the regulation number of players with “X” being placed in scorebook for missing players. Each time there is no player to bat according to the scorebook, there shall be an automatic out. Managers may place the X’s” in any position they choose in batting lineup and when players arrive, they may be inserted in the batting order in place of the “X’s”, and they will be the starting player.
    The Umpire shall forfeit the game if either team does not have the sufficient number of players to start or complete the game. In case a game is extended beyond the scheduled starting time of another game on the same diamond, the teams having the following game must be ready to play at the end of the preceding game or forfeit.If a team uses an EH, they must have eleven (11) players to start the game (twelve {12} players for coed). If an EH is unable to continue to play, and no substitutes are available, an automatic out will be placed in the batting position.
  3. The home team shall be determined by the flip of a coin prior to each game. Team managers are urged to make a mutual agreement as to the use of team dugouts. In the event that an agreement between managers cannot be reached, the home team shall occupy the first base line dugout.
    Each manager must give the umpire a line-up card prior to the game, listing the batting order with player’s name (both first and last), number and position.
  4. League games will automatically be completed if one team has a lead of eight or more runs, provided the team with the lesser score has had five (5) or more complete turns at bat, of if one team has a lead of ten (10) runs after the team with the lesser score has had four (4) complete turns at bat, or if one team has a lead of twelve (12) runs after the team with the lesser score has had three (3) completed turns at bat, or if one team has a lead of twenty (20) runs after the team with the lesser score has one (1) complete turn at bat. A complete turn at bat is identified as three (3) outs. A game shall consist of seven innings or 55 minutes from call of game time, whichever comes first, weather conditions permitting. The 55 minute time limit begins when the umpire calls for the coaches and lineups. After games have started for the evening it is the joint responsibility of the Umpire-In-Chief or his designated Head Umpire for the evening and the On-Site Administrator for the Association to determine if games shall be called due to weather conditions. The individual umpires may call a weather delay for their game to determine weather conditions. All rain games will be completed from point of postponement. Five (5) even innings shall constitute an official game. In the event of a game being called after five (5) innings, the score shall revert back to the last completed inning.
  5. Only players, managers, two (2) coaches, one (1) sponsor and one (1) bat person for each team will be allowed on the playing field, benches, base line areas, or inside the playing field. Any person serving as a bat boy/girl must be at least ten (10) years old. For safety reasons, no scorekeeper will be permitted on the playing field. The only players to be allowed inside the fence while the team is at bat shall be the batter, next batter, baserunners and two (2) coaches.
  6. The batting rack must be kept inside the bench area. Players may not leave their gloves on the field during the time their team is at bat. No gloves may be hung on the fence. No batting on pre-game field will be allowed.
  7. No smoking will be allowed on the playing field and this applies to fielders, batters, coaches, warm-up hitters and Umpires. This includes tobacco chewing and dipping for church teams only.
  8. No infield or outfield warm-up balls will be allowed after the 1st inning. A maximum of five (5) warm-up pitches will be allowed for the 1st inning and a maximum of three (3) warm-up pitches per inning thereafter.
    Each team will furnish their own practice balls as well as one (1) new ball and one (1) official good used ball before play is started in each game, balls must be purchased from concession stand and have an EASA and ASA stamp. The Umpire will approve the ball to be put into play. The pitcher shall then continue to pitch this ball until it is declared out of play by the Umpire. If the ball is declared out of play the pitcher shall then pitch the next ball offered by the Umpires until it is out of play. Each team will be hitting the balls they furnish. In case any player, in the judgment of the Umpire, deliberately attempts to put a ball out of play, they shall be called out and expelled from the game.
  9. No inning shall start after 55 minutes has elapsed in game time, unless both teams run total is the same. The inning starts with the third out of the previous inning.
  10. At any Edmond Amateur Softball Association game if a team wishes to use the handicap rule it will be necessary to have a verification card etc. of the actual handicap.


  1. All equipment used must conform to official ASA Softball Rules. Bats may be ASA, NSA or USSSA as long as they are not on a banned list and not a senior bat. No titanium bats will be allowed. Personal equipment as follows: football, track and golf shoes are illegal for all games. Catcher masks and chest protectors are optional. Players or coaches will not be permitted to wear any type of cut off shorts or jeans shorts. All shorts must have seams and hems. Umpires have been instructed to enforce the dress code with authority to forfeit the game if a player is advised their uniform is not proper and continues to participate.
    DRESS CODE: All Leagues

    • Shoes: Baseball, softball, soccer or tennis shoes. (steel or metal cleats are not allowed)
    • Pants: Standard length shorts are permitted; shorts must have seams and hems. No short shorts, running shorts, cut offs or bathing suits.
    • Shirts: Length of shirt must be to belt. Each team must be dressed in matching colored shirts with sleeves with at least a six (6) inch permanently attached number (no duplicate numbers) on the back or be subject to protest and if protest is upheld a loss of game will occur. No see through mesh jerseys or shirts or sleeveless jerseys or shirts are to be worn WITHOUT a shirt with sleeves underneath. No tank top shirts are allowed. See attachment #1 and #2 for detail of shirt and number rule and exceptions allowed.
    • Hats: Hats are optional; but must be worn with the bill to the front
  2. Teams must purchase softballs from EASA in the concession stand, they must have an EASA and ASA stamp on them.


    1. Player registration cards must be completed by the player using full name. Minimum age is fourteen (14) to play and anyone under eighteen (18) must also turn in a completed “Parental Consent Form”. These cards must be on file with the Executive Committee prior to the first league game. No team may carry over twenty (20) players in its playing roster at any one time. No player shall be permitted to transfer from any team to a team standing higher in any league standings at the time of application for release (nor to one standing equal with club leaving). If a player does not wish to transfer to a team of lesser strength, his club manager may grant his release (on league release form) provided that the player holds no club property and is in good financial standing with his club. The above applies also to inter-league transfers.
    2. New players added, after the first game of the season, must sign and submit an official registration card to the EASA seven (7) days prior to the time they compete as a player. No transfers will be permitted after June 15th for league play and on June 15th league rosters will be frozen as to future tournaments.
    3. Team roster must be completed and signed by the Coach/Manager (and Pastor if church team) and on file with the Executive Committee prior to the first league game.
      If the roster and player registration cards have not been received by the Executive Committee prior to the first tame that team will not be eligible to play and forfeit will be declared.
    4. Players may participate with one (1) Open (men or women); one (1) Church (men or women); and two (2) Coed (1 church and 1 open) team, but must have a registration card signed for each team. No coach or other interested party shall approach a registered player with the purpose of inducing that player to join another team. The penalty is disbarment from the association for a period of not less than one (1) year.
    5. Any player when requested by an Umpire or Association official is required to present a valid picture ID card (such as a driver’s license or Company ID). Players are required to have the ID in reasonable reach of the playing field (no further than the parking lot). If a player can not produce such an ID, the team shall then forfeit the game. Any request or protest from teams on this matter will be handled within the time limits of the game. No extra game time will be added.
    6. Any player when requested by an Umpire or Association official is required to sign his or her name and provide his or her address, business and home telephone number and social security number on a form provided by the umpire (same information as on player card). Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the game.
      • Players for any team must be a member or an active participant of that church, or a member of another local church with no softball team. Recruiting of players is not allowed. The league encourages each team to play all of those players who attend a game.
      • Players added after the start of the season must be church members and must be verified by the Pastor or church office.
      • Each player is required to attend at least two (2) services each month in order to be eligible to play. (This rule should be enforced by the coach of each team).



  1. During the game, all members of the batting team, with the exception of the batter, next batter, baserunners and the coaches, must remain on their benches and in no way interfere with the conduct of the game by waving of arms or running along the base line. In case of disputes over plays or with Umpires, only the manager of each team may engage in the discussion and it is the duty of each team manager and the Umpire to enforce this rule. Penalty – expulsion from the game. If done repeatedly, suspension from ball park.
  2. Any player engaging in fights or any other flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct before, during or after the game will be suspended. This applies from the time he enters the park grounds until he leaves the park grounds. THIS SHALL COVER ALL UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT SUCH AS USING OBSCENE OR PROFANE LANGUAGE OR APPEARING IN THE PARK UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. ANY PLAYER OR PLAYERS EJECTED FROM THE GAME BY THE UMPIRE MUST IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE PARK PROPERTY IN WHICH THE SOFTBALL DIAMOND IS LOCATED AND MAY NOT RETURN TO THE PARK FOR ANY REASON UNTIL SUNRISE THE NEXT DAY. Failure to comply with the above underlined rule will subject the team of which the offenders are members to forfeiture of the game by the Umpire. Violators of this rule may be suspended from participation in any of the activities sponsored by the Association for a minimum of thirty (30) days. Ejected players will be recorded by the umpire on the score card.
  3. The conduct of players and spectators supporting your team are the manager’s responsibility. Misconduct or violation of rules and regulations by players or spectators could result in forfeiture of the game and/or action by the Executive Committee of the Edmond Amateur Softball Association.
  4. Umpires may eject players from any game in accordance with the official Softball Rules. The Umpire may also suspend the player or players guilty of flagrant violations of rules from further participation in Association games until the Executive Committee meets and acts on the case.
  5. No intoxicating beverages or beer shall be permitted inside any fenced area of an athletic field or in the immediate vicinity of areas being used for organized sport programs. Violation of this will result in ejection of players and possible forfeiture of the game. Repeated incidents could result in suspension from league for a minimum of three (3) games.
  6. Any team refusing to play after being ordered to do so by the Umpire shall be subject to have the game forfeited as according to Official Rules. Protest will be considered on matters of rule interpretations only and notice must be registered with the Umpire at the time of the alleged misinterpretation and before the next pitch is made and must be referred to the Executive Committee by the conclusion of the last scheduled game.
  7. Intentional climbing of fences by players will be considered an automatic suspension from that game that evening. This will be at the discretion of the umpire as to intentionality.


  1. All league games shall be played on diamonds specified by the Executive Committee. League games shall not be scheduled to start any earlier than 6:15 p.m. or later than 10:30 p.m.
  2. The schedule for league play will be drawn up as follows: Each league will be scheduled so that all teams shall play the number of games registered for and at the close of the league schedule, the team in each league with the highest winning percentage on a win-loss basis shall be declared league champion and will receive an appropriate award. In case two or more teams are tied at the end of the season for either first or second place the following method will be used to determine the first or second place team for appropriate awards: (1) Win-Loss (Percentage); (2) Head to Head play; (3) Runs scored and allowed against each other; (4) total wins among top three teams; (5) runs scored and allowed against top three teams; (6) flip a coin.
  3. Rain Make Up Games – These games will be incorporated at the end of the schedule.
  4. Postponement of scheduled league games will not be permitted. In case a team knows of dates that they cannot field a team during the season, they may submit a written request to the Executive Committee prior to the start of the season so that consideration may be given to not scheduling league games on certain dates if a team has a legitimate reason for not playing on a certain date, such as a church activity, company activity or others. If a team is unable to play, without giving the required notice, they shall put a team of pickup players on the field, forfeiting the league game, but fulfilling the schedule. Playing of forfeited league games shall be limited to five (5) innings or a total of forty-five (45) minutes time limit without the benefit of umpires.
  5. Although EASA schedules a particular type division on a specific night, it may be necessary for EASA to schedule a division or a part of that division on another night other than their specified night to complete all scheduled games to conclude the season as soon as possible to avoid running into the month of August for summer play and November for fall play.
  6. Although it is not policy, but the desire and intent of EASA to provide two (2) official certified ASA umpires per field per game, it may be necessary, from time to time, to contest a game with only one (1) umpire. In most cases this is because of extenuating circumstances beyond the control of EASA.
  7. Any team which forfeits three (3) consecutive league games or a total of four games during the season may be dropped from the program for the balance of the season and must show good cause before entering league the next year.
  8. When there is more than one (1) game scheduled on a field the Umpire in Chief shall not permit an inning in any game to start after the game has been in duration for an hour of elapsed time unless the score is tied, in which case, the game will continue until decided according to official rules. An inning shall be considered to start as soon as the third out has been made in a preceding inning. The Plate Umpire shall be official timekeeper.
  9. Umpires will turn game scores into Umpire in Chief or a member of the Executive Committee responsible for scheduling who will post league standings in an updated form once a week at Edmond 66 Complex. If an error occurs in the weekly posted standing statistics, it is the responsibility of the team coach/manager to notify in writing the EASA Board member on duty at the field immediately. Notification should include (a) date of your notice; (b) your team name; (c) date of error (night and date) and teams involved (d) win/loss score of each game with winner designated. If written notice is not given within two (2) weeks of posted error, the incorrect standing will not be changed.
  10. If a game remains tied after seven (7) innings or after game time has expired, starting with the top of the next inning, and each half inning thereafter, the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who batted last in the preceding inning placed at second base. A legal substitution may be inserted for the runner.
  11. Home Run Rule: There will be a limit in all leagues (unless an exception is made from season to season) of three (3) over the fence home runs per team per game. All other over the fence home runs will be considered an automatic out.
  12. Base distance for all league games will be 70′. Pitching distance will be 53′ for all league games.


  1. Official yellow 12″ (men) and 11″ (women) restricted flight ASA red stitch approved softballs will be used. Softball must be purchased from EASA in the concession stand and have an EASA and ASA stamp.
  2. Defensive Positioning: There shall be two males and two females in the outfield and two males and two females in the infield with a pitcher and catcher of the opposite sex. Infield consists of the dirt area.
  3. The minimum number of players required to begin and finish a game is eight (8). If a team has less than ten (10) players, an “X” must be placed in the batting order in the place where the absent player(s) would bat. It is not necessary to have an equal number of each sex when playing with less than ten (10) players; however, you must have at least three (3) and not more than five (5) of each sex. The batting order must still be alternated by sex.
  4. If a male batter is walked with less than 2 outs in the inning the female batting after him in the line-up must bat and the man goes to second base automatically. If a man is walked with two outs in the inning the man automatically goes to second and the female batting after him has the option of batting or automatically taking first base. See ASA Rule Book for details.
  5. Runners going from 3rd base to home must go to the secondary home plate away from the batter’s box. A commitment line (point of no return) between 3rd and home is also in effect. See senior rule in ASA rule book for clarification.
  6. All other ASA, as well as EASA rules will apply.


  1. Until further notice no teams are allowed to practice on Edmond 66 Complex fields on days of a regularly scheduled league game, either Open or Church, after the said field has been made ready for league play. Penalty – A three (3) game suspension for the team or players.

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Number Rule:

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Shirt Rule: The existing shirt rule stays in effect. This rule is: