Edmond Adult Softball Association

Slow Pitch Softball


Thursday, June 7

No games due to the rain this morning. See you next week.

EASA Board


By Laws


(Revised 2/10/11)

ARTICLE 1 – Name

The name of the organization shall be the Edmond Amateur Softball Association, hereafter referred to as the Association.

ARTICLE 2 – Purpose

Its purpose shall be to create an interest in and promote slow pitch softball on a recreational basis in the City of Edmond.

ARTICLE 3 – Management

The Association shall be governed by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE in accordance with the RULES AND GUIDELINES contained in the Constitution and By-Laws and ASA rules. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be composed of eight (8) members to be selected by the coaches of teams within the league. Four (4) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE members shall be elected each year to serve a term of two (2) years. If a member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE does not attend at least seventy five percent (75%) of the complete meetings during the year the remaining EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE members may vote that they be replaced at the next election date, even if his two year term of office has not been completed. If a member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE resigns, moves or otherwise leaves the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE prior to completion of his term, the remaining EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE members may appoint someone to take his place until the current term expires at which time the appointed member would need to be re-elected at the general meeting. All elections shall be done at a general meeting of the teams each year before the summer season. Each team shall have one (1) vote. A simple majority shall constitute a quorum for conducting of business. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall consist of a President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, three (3) other members and one (1) Advisor if duly appointed. Said Advisor will not have a vote, unless approved by the majority of that Executive Committee for special situations.

The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be vested with the authority to rule on all matters which by their nature affect the operation of the league. Decisions of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be final.

All finance matters will be handled by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The Association will establish an account at a local bank to handle the day to day costs of operating its program. This account will require the signature of any two (2) members of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE as approved by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.
Association will establish accounting procedures that are approved by the membership of Association and City of Edmond. Association will submit to City on a yearly basis a Financial Statement for the previous year and a proposed budget for the upcoming year at the time of renewal of the Management Agreement between City and Association. Association will provide a means for collecting monies from Association members for entry fees and depositing of said monies to Association account. All fees charged by Association must be approved by the Mayor and the City Council prior to institution of such fees. President of EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE or his agent, may call meetings of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE at any time, but must do so within seven (7) days of the time they are presented with a written request by a team manager or coach.

ARTICLE 4 – Governing Rules

All games shall be governed by the ASA rules and regulations unless otherwise changed by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

ARTICLE 5 – Eligibility of Teams

Any team which pays its entry fee prior to the closing of the leagues will be eligible for participation in the Association if space and leagues are available. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be vested with the authority to rule on all league entry and team placement which by their nature affect the operation of the league, to include but not be limited to their authority to rule on individual team placement or non-placement based on space availability, league configuration etc. Decisions of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be final.

ARTICLE 6 – League Championship

The method of determining the League Champion shall be decided by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE prior to the start of the playing season.

ARTICLE 7 – League Games

Teams belonging to the Edmond Association may play with outside clubs but their league games, including rain make-up games shall take precedence over all other games.

ARTICLE 8 – Number of Players

The number of players to be signed and carried by each team shall not exceed twenty (20) at any time. Before any players above the limit allowed can be signed, one of the other signed players must be released. Teams must comply with player limit by start of season.

ARTICLE 9 – Strictly Amateur

No player shall be compensated for playing in any or all league games.

ARTICLE l0 – Eligibility of Players

Any player who is a member of a team playing in an organized ASA softball league will be governed by the current ASA eligibility rules.

ARTICLE 11 – Registration

Each player must sign an official registration card supplied by the Association before competing in any league game & this card must be submitted by the team manager with the team roster to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE prior to the start of the season. Any new players added after the first game of the season must sign and submit an official registration player card to the Association seven (7) days in advance of the time they compete as a player.

ARTICLE 12 – Transfer of Players

No player shall be permitted to transfer from any team to a team standing higher in any league standings at the time of application for release (nor to one standing equal with club leaving). If a player does not wish to transfer to a team of lesser strength, his club manager may grant his release (on league release form) provided that the player holds no club property and is in good financial standing with his club. The above applies also to inter-league transfers.

Players may sign a new form for the club to which he transfers and the usual seven (7) days elapse before playing. No transfer will be permitted after June l5th on league play and on June 15th team rosters will be frozen as to future tournaments.

ARTICLE 13 – Penalty for Approaching Signed Players

No coach or other interested party shall approach a registered player with the purpose of inducing him/her to join another team. The penalty is debarment from the association for a period of not less than one (1) year.

ARTICLE 14 – Protest

TIME: All protests must be filed in writing with the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, by the team manager or coach by the conclusion of the last scheduled game of the night.

Special Protest:

The On-Site-Administrator (EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE member) may make a ruling themselves on a protest based on an ineligible player. Team should protest player eligibility in writing immediately and post the required protest fee. The On-Site-Administrator may call in the coach of the team with the player being protested along with the coach of the team protesting. The player may be confirmed as an ineligible player if he (a) does not have a player card on file with the Edmond ASA for that team; (b) coach admits player is not on the team roster with player card or (c) player is found to be a different person than the name given on the scorebook by comparison of ID of protested player. If protest is upheld the protest fee will be refunded. Both teams in the protest will sign the written protest wherein the On-Site-Administrator has posted the result of his decision. All other types of protests should be ruled on by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Protest Committee.

Protest Committee:

The protest committee shall be the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. A representative from the protesting team and a representative from the opposing team may be present at the hearing only. A protest fee of $100.00 in cash shall accompany each protest. If the protest is upheld, the fee shall be refunded.

ARTICLE 15 – Authority

All Association matters shall be settled by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and decisions of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be final.

ARTICLE l6 – Knowledge of Rules

It is the responsibility of the team manager or coach to make sure all team members read and be knowledgeable of all playing rules.

ARTICLE l7 – Officials

OFFICIALS must be sanctioned ASA officials and be approved by Chief Umpire and EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

ARTICLE l8 – Constitution

These articles of Constitution and By-Laws may be added to or amended by two-thirds vote of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.