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Summer 2014 Registration

All registrations will be held at the Edmond Downtown Community Center, 28 E. Main

First registration - Tues. 3/4/14 – 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Second registration
- Thurs. 3/13/14 – 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Late registration
- Tues. 3/25/14 – 6:30-6:45 p.m. (late fee is additional $50.00 – teams registered only if space is available)

Classification Meeting - Tuesday 3/25/14 – 7:40 p.m.
This is when teams can see classification status (league placed in, night scheduled to play, etc. before schedules are prepared). This is the last time you can give further information about your team if you feel it is misclassified in any way.  The Board has the final decision.

If you do not have someone appear at the Classification Meeting for whatever reason, do not call later to see what happened – this is why we have the meeting. No team will be refunded money after the classification meeting.

Coaches Meeting (MANDATORY) - you just have to be at one of these
3/25/14 – 7:3 p.m. (Downtown Community Center) or
3/27/14 – 6:30 p.m. (Bickham Ballpark)

Open and Church League General Information

Cost: $300.00 (Umpire Fees paid at the plate – $18.00 per game). Eighteen (l8) games played.
Games that you forfeit will require a $25.00 per game fee paid before playing next game.)

League begins: 4/7/14
Schedules mailed: 3/31/14

Open Coed: Tuesday – overflow night to be determined

Open Men: Wed. – overflow night to be determined

Church Men: Thursday – overflow night to be determined

Church Coed: Friday – overflow night to be determined

Overflow nights will not be available unless regular league night is filled. Register early.
Games will be played on Friday nights unless Friday is a holiday.

Leagues will be offered if: (a) five or more teams register for a division (b) if five teams do not register, the registered teams will be refunded their registration fee. Upper division teams will not be allowed to register in a lower division league for which they do not qualify. If it is discovered an upper division team knowingly registered in a lower division, this team is subject to immediate dismissal from the league at which time the remaining teams in that league will receive a revised schedule.

**If a check is returned insufficient there will be a $50 fee assessed plus the bank charges assessed to EASA. Checks will be deposited after 3/12/13.


Park Rule Changes from 2013 still in effect

  1. Softballs must be purchased through the concession stand and stamped with EASA stamp.
    1. We will have some you can purchase at registration.
  2. All legal ASA, NSA and USSSA bats will be allowed. They must not be on any of the banned lists and can not be a senior bat. Please note that USSSA changed there bat rule this year so all USSSA bats must have the 2013 mark on them.
    1. Links to ASA, USSSA, NSA non-approved bat lists.
      1. ASA
      2. USSSA
      3. NSA
  3. 55 minute game times.

Ground Breaking – Route 66 Softball Complex

Wednesday Sept. 19, 2012

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Field Diagram

Concession Stand

Ground Breaking

Would you like to Umpire?

If so please e-mail Matt Gayle at board@edmondadultsoftball.com, please leave your name and number were you can be reached during the day and evening.